BC Lottery Corporation goes “all in” to avoid FOI requests


BCLC appeals three of six FOI orders to BC Supreme Court

FIPA news release – March 14th, 2012

The BC Lottery Corporation REALLY doesn’t like to release information to Freedom of information requesters. Of all the 2,500+ public bodies covered by BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy act,it is proving to be the most reluctant and most litigious.

BCLC’s denial of six FOI requests went to hearings before the Information and Privacy Commissioner in the past year, with BCLC claiming a variety of exceptions to the rule that records must be released.

They lost every one of those hearings. In each case, the Commissioner’s
office made an order requiring BCLC to release records. In four out of
the six cases, every ground raised by BCLC was rejected by the

Since 2011, BCLC has filed appeals in BC Supreme Court in half of these
Orders from the Commissioner. A fourth appeal was filed by “a director of
a gaming company, who was also a former Chair of the Board of Directors of BCLC.”

Based on what similar appeals have cost, FIPA estimates that the legal
costs incurred by BCLC and the Commissioner (who will have to defend
her decisions) will run to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Original article on FIPA website (with chart of BCLC litigation 2011-2012)