Canada One Of Worst Countries For White-Collar Crime


The PricewaterhouseCoopers 2009 Global Economic Crime Survey includes a measure of the percentage of respondents from various territories who reported suffering some type of fraud. Canada fares very badly in this survey, with 56% of respondents reporting fraud. Only three of the 54 countries surveyed fared worse: Russia (71%), South Africa (62%) and Kenya (57%).

The table below lists the countries with the best and worst results on this measure.

PwC 2009 Global Economic Crime Survey, Table 2

Territories that reported high levels of fraud (40% or more) % of organisations reporting fraud
Russia 71%
South Africa 62%
Kenya 57%
Canada 56%
Mexico 51%
Ukraine 45%
UK 43%
New Zealand 42%
Australia 40%
Territories that reported low levels of fraud (20% or less) % of organisations reporting fraud
Italy 19%
Sweden 19%
Singapore 18%
India 18%
Indonesia 18%
Switzerland 17%
Finland 17%
Romania 16%
Netherlands 15%
Turkey 15%
Hong Kong 13%
Japan 10%

For more about this survey see: PwC 2009 Global Economic Crime Survey (pdf)

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