Legal Analysis Project


FAIR has already published in-depth analyses of the PSDPA (Canada's federal whistleblower law). The purpose of this project is to extend our analysis to the provinces and to the private sector.


  1. Provide legal self-help information online
  2. Enable whistleblowers to better understand their legal options
  3. Broad coverage of Canadian legal landscape (public + private sectors; federal + provincial)
  4. Concise, plain English for lay people.

Target Audience

  1. Primarily whistleblowers and potential whistleblowers
  2. Other interested parties, e.g. media, researchers
  3. Lawyers who practice in this field
  4. Legislators contemplating new legislation or amendments.

Structure of Report

  1. Executive summary
  2. Narrative topic summaries (by province / sector)
  3. Grids summarizing information (by province / sector)
  4. Comprehensive lists of:
    1. authoritative sources used
    2. other useful resources
  5. Links to online sources/resources.


Target completion date: March 2013.

Derived From

Vision And Plans: Employee Support