Enjoy Life With An English Bulldog Puppy

//Enjoy Life With An English Bulldog Puppy

English Bulldogs are adorable and they have wrinkly skin and a stocky frame. Their faces look like they have been pushed in and they make the cutest puppies you have ever seen. English Bulldogs are the perfect puppies, but they do require some special care that you have to be aware of. If you are planning to buy an english bulldog puppies you should spend some time looking at the cost and care requirements.

What Is The Best Way To Buy A Puppy?

Going to a breeder is going to be the best way to buy your puppy. A good breeder is going to show you all the paperwork so you can see how your puppy was taken care of and you will have peace of mind knowing that your puppy had good care. You should start a proper care regimen for your puppy right away. Start off by feeding him the best food you can afford, but at first, you want to feed him what the breeder was feeding him.

When you change a puppy’s food too quickly it can cause shock and your puppy might get an upset stomach. You have to slowly change the brand by introducing a small amount of it into your puppy’s regular food and gradually increasing it until all the food the new food. You also need to make sure that you feed your puppy on a regular schedule so it knows when to expect a feeding. Eventually, you can cut back on the food to just once a day.

Take Good Care And Give Good Quality Of Food

Always feed your dog the best food you can afford which is going to make the puppy be healthier and give him what he needs to thrive. Meat should be the first ingredient on the food your puppy eats. If the food is upsetting your dog’s stomach you can switch to something else until you find the right food.

Your English Bulldog can be prone to being overweight so you will want to weigh him once a month and you also need to pay special attention to his ears. Their ears are prone to infection so if your puppy is scratching at his ear or shaking his head a lot you will want to go to the vet. Clean your puppy’s ears and keep the folds of your puppy’s skin clean because sometimes their skin can become infected in the folds. It is important to keep your puppy groomed.