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"On Expenses" drama: How the misconduct of UK MPs was exposed


Heather Brooke, an American living in London, was writing a book about the Freedom of Information Act. In 2004, she approached the House of Commons about MP's expenses, and found her legitimate requests blocked repeatedly.

This entertaining drama follows one dogged and spirited individual over the most powerful institution in the country. In all the scandal of the MP's expenses, one story remains to be told and it is the best of them all: because there would have been no documents leaked to one of the leading UK newspapers, The Daily Telegraph - indeed no documents of any kind at all - had not one supremely determined journalist fought for five long years against the increasingly desperate attempts by the House of Commons to keep their expenditure secret.

Russia’s ‘one-man Wikileaks’ uncovers massive gas company fraud


December 3, 2010

In Russia, the findings of a young whistleblower lawyer concerning the rampant corruption of major state-affiliated companies have made much bigger waves than the recent tsunami of Wikileaks revelations.

34-year-old Moscow lawyer Alexey Navalny could be nicknamed the “one-man Wikileaks”. His website is dedicated to uncovering and publishing incidents of high-level corporate corruption, with revelations concerning Russian natural gas monopoly Gazprom, leading Russian oil company Rosneft and Russian bank VTP, among others.

Big Milk, Big Muscle, Big Money


CBC Fifth Estate – November 29, 1994

The artificial hormone used to produce more milk in cows has a few names and acronyms, Bovine somatotropin or BST, Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or RBGH. The corporate giant Monsanto developed the drug and it has been used in the United States for years. It argues the drug produces more milk that is indiscernible to regular milk.

Critics have long fought against the drug saying it raises serious question about the quality of the milk, health of the cow and of the people drinking milk. The drug produced by Monsanto lists 21 possible side effects including an infection in cows brought about by overwork producing milk.

Wikileaks Trumps UK Gag Orders


Investigative reporter Jacques Peretti explores the implications of Wikileaks, 'the brown paper envelope of the digital age'.

London has become the destination of choice for those with dirty secrets to hide. This is because the UK's antiquated libel laws overwhelmingly favour those who face damaging accusations, thus placing a chill on investigative journalists, broadcasters and authors. At any given time there are more than 300 gag orders in force, which prohibit UK journalists from reporting anything whatsoever around certain issues.

Government Operations committee challenges Ouimet's severance


March 8, 2011

Members of the Government Operations committee quiz three officials from the Privy Council Office about the process to be used for appointing the next Integrity Commissioner, and the rationale for former commissioner Christiane Ouimet's $500,000 severance package. (1 hour)

The witnesses were: Patricia J. Hassard, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet, Senior Personnel and Public Service Renewal; Joyce Henry, Director, Appointments and Selection Processes, Senior Personnel; Joe Wild, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Machinery of Government.

David Hutton interviewed about P.E.I. whistleblower legislation

David Hutton

David Hutton, Executive Director of FAIR, interviewed by Sally Pitt on CBC TV – April 8, 2010.

Sally Pitt: Opposition leader Olive Crane spoke to the media this morning about the Public Interest Disclosure Act, also referred to as whistleblower legislation. It is meant to protect people who work for the government and report wrongdoing.

Joining me now is David Hutton. He is with the charity organization that helped fine-tune PEI’s legislation. Thanks for coming in.

Panel says UN failed to protect whistleblower


Kristen Saloomey, Al Jazeera– June 23, 2012

A tribunal has found the UN liable for failing to protect a former high-ranking official, after he reported his superiors for possible corruption.

The UN Dispute Tribunal has sided with James Wasserstrom, who was forced out and subjected to a smear campaign.The tribunal’s hearings are open and its decisions are binding on the UN senior officials, including Ban Ki-Moon.

Video: To Rob A Country, Own A Bank


In 2010 William K. Black gave an interview to The Real News Network, providing his perspective on the latest financial meltdown, which he sees as being eerily similar to previous collapses. He explains how it resulted from fraudulent schemes orchestrated by top people on Wall Street, with the simple aim of enriching themselves. Many walked away from the collapse fabulously wealthy while investors lost their jobs, homes, pensions and life savings.

As Black comments "failure of the Institution does not indicate failure of the fraud."

Christiane Ouimet's testimony to Public Accounts committee

Christiane Ouimet

March 10, 2011

Former integrity commissioner Christiane Ouimet testifies before the Public Accounts committee, which is looking into the Auditor General's scathing report on Ouimet's conduct.
(1 hr 57 min)

In her testimony Ouimet claimed that the Auditor General's report was completely wrong, that she (Ouimet) had been victimized by this intense audit of her office, and that she was confident that she had always done the right thing. When questioned about her $500,000 settlement package she said that she was given a non-negotiable offer and felt that she had no choice but to accept it.