F-35: There is no accountability without personal accountability


Joanna Gualtieri – April 5, 2012

By declaring “It’s difficult for me to try to point fingers at any particular individual. What it comes down to is the process was not what it should have been,” Auditor-General Michael Ferguson is doing more damage than good.

We, as a society, are sick and tired of the absence of personal accountability. Who does Mr. Ferguson think operates the “process” that he believes was flawed and grossly mismanaged in the multibillion-dollar procurement of F-35 stealth fighter jets?

Bureaucrats and politicians with names are accountable, not simply some pseudo entity called “a department.” Why do we so willingly fall into the trap of accepting that it is simply the Department of National Defence as an organization that is at fault rather than its individual boss – Peter MacKay – and his subordinates who managed the project?

There is no accountability without personal accountability.

Joanna Gualtieri, Ottawa

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