How Much Does Channel Lettering Cost?

//How Much Does Channel Lettering Cost?

For businesses operating physical shops, there is a need to stand out from your competition. There is a need to attract customers, be it during the day or at night. There is need to advertise the store in a simple and effective manner.

Channel signs seem to be performing this function pretty well. As such, this form of signage has been the to-go-to sign for a wide variety of businesses, small and large alike. The signs introduce an allure to any store, which bodes well for the business performance. With this in mind, the cost of channel lettering signs is an interesting subject matter for businesses.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Channel Lettering Signs

There is no one definitive guide for Channel Letters signs. There are numerous factors that influence the final cost of any channel lettering signage to have a definitive price guide. For a proper understanding of the cost implications involved in procuring channel lettering signs, you need to explore factors that influence the cost.

Form And Size Of The Sign

For starters, every sign is unique in form and size. Considering the fact that businesses have to create their own brands that stand out from their competitors, you can rest assured that no two businesses will use the same channel lettering signs.

Signs that are large with intricately designed forms tend to be more expensive than small and simpler channel lettering signs. Therefore, keep in mind that the size of the letters �” from 10” to 24” will determine its cost. And so will the design of the letters, where you can expect letters designed with block fonts to be cheaper than more intricate letters.

The Quality of Materials

You probably have seen a channel lettering sun that has been discolored by the sun – it was once red and now it’s pink. This is due to the storeowner investing in signs made of poor quality signs. To avoid this, you should invest in a high-quality sign made of robust materials. The more robust a sign made of, the costlier you can expect it to be. However, a high-quality sign will last very long.


Aside from the sign itself, businesses need to invest in add-ons that cost quite some money. For instance, depending on the place of installation, you might need to invest in a support structure. In most cases, this will be a raceway mount, which can cost you as much as $30 per foot. Additionally, when you have an illuminated sign, you will have to invest in a transformer that can cost anywhere from $95 to $300.

Installation costs

You need to factor in installation costs. For the most part, these signs require specialty workmanship that will cost you a tidy sum. The wiring and mounting is not something just about anyone can handle and you have to pay the labor cost involved in installing the sign.


At the end of it all, you might end up spending upwards of $2,000 on the sign, wiring, and installation. As such, shop around and try to find the best deal possible. Nonetheless, always ensure you invest in quality signs. It is of critical importance that your bears an Underwriter Laboratory (UL) certification. A UL certified sign is a sign that is designed to meet all the international standards pertaining to signs. For instance, the certification means that signs are properly grounded, with insulated electrical connections (in the case of illuminate channel lettering), and it properly drains. Click here to know more.