Luscious Green Grass: The Benefits Of Lawn Care Aeration And Seeding

//Luscious Green Grass: The Benefits Of Lawn Care Aeration And Seeding

Many homeowners dream about having perfectly maintained, thick green lawns surrounding their properties. Unfortunately, cultivating and maintaining beautiful gardens can be a challenging job, especially for those who work long hours and lack specialized gardening knowledge. In addition, maintaining luscious green grass often requires access to professional tools, equipment, and chemicals (such as fertilizers and pesticides). Fortunately, there are now lots of excellent specialist lawn care maintenance firms around offering affordable services across the country. Before you employ the services of a professional company.

4 DIY Tips That Could Improve The Appearance of Your Lawn:

1. Learn about aeration

lawn aeration

If your lawn is heavily used, the soil underneath it is likely to be very heavily compacted. Grassroots find it difficult to penetrate the compacted soil, so they are unable to source the water and minerals healthy grass needs. By investing in an aerating device, you can quickly make a series of aeration holes in your garden, which will help to enable grassroots to thrive. Many professional gardeners would recommend buying a gas-powered aerator. While hand-powered aerators are cheaper, they are exhausting and time-consuming to use on large areas.

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2. Start watering your lawn on a regular basis

watering your lawn

Healthy grass requires a lot of moisture to grow, so regularly watering your lawn can do wonders to improve its appearance. If you don’t like the idea of manually watering your garden with either a hosepipe or watering can, you might want to think about buying an automatic sprinkler system. Just keep in mind that if you have a water meter in your home, your monthly water bill is likely to increase if you use the sprinkler system every day. Of course, rainwater is the best source of moisture for the land, but those who live in districts with low annual rainfall stats have to resort to artificial watering methods if they want luscious green, thick lawns.

3. Seeding is necessary for a thick lawn

Seeding lawn

Bald patches can be very unsightly, as can patches of very thin grass growth. In order to get the thick, healthy lawn you desire, you should consider investing in some high-quality grass seeds. Many people don’t know that you can buy bags of grass seed very cheaply from almost any garden center. If you don’t want to sow seeds and have more money to invest in your lawn, you might want to think about buying some healthy turf strips.

4. Cull all weeds

The presence of weeds in your garden can have a detrimental effect on thick grass growth. This is because weeds suck up all the good nutrients from the soil. When it comes to removing weeds, it is vital that you remove them from the roots. If you leave any weed roots in the ground, regrowth is inevitable. Of course, if you are feeling lazy and you don’t have any pets that use your garden to play, you could resort to chemical weed killer sprays. While these sprays are quick and easy to use, they are very toxic to animals. Just something to keep in mind. Find more tips at