Organic Pest Control Methods For Plants

//Organic Pest Control Methods For Plants

Many people today have taken to growing vegetables and even fruits in their gardens at home. The garden can be a small piece of land in the backyard or just a DIY creation for growing crops and rearing fish (aquaponics). With most of the vegetables and fruits in grocery stored today loaded with pesticides and other harmful chemicals, many are turning to home gardening to grow some of the basic veggies and fruits. Keeping pests and weeds from the garden is one of the biggest challenges that many organic farmers face today. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways you can keep pests away from your garden without necessarily having to use harsh chemicals in the name of pesticides.

Most Recommended Organic Pest Control Methods:

1. Neem Oil Insecticide

Neem oil is one of the potent organic sources of natural insecticides, hence a preferred option for the organic gardener. Neem oil comes in handy in getting rid of bugs and insects that wreak havoc in the garden. The oil contains compounds that attack the insect’s pheromones and other life driving essentials. It is also known to disrupt the life cycle of insects, hence handy for controlling insect pests. Neem oil can be used as an insecticide to control caterpillars, worms, bugs, slugs, snails, and spiders.

2. Garlic Insecticide Spray

Although quite beneficial to the human body, the pungent aroma of garlic makes it a handy solution for keeping pests from your garden. Unlike other organic insecticides that kill pests, garlic spray works by driving these pests away from the garden, hence a natural insect/pest repellent. You can therefore use garlic spray to deter pests from infesting your garden and it is one of the best termite and pest control.

3. Parasitic Nematodes

Parasitic, or beneficial nematodes play a critical role in keeping harmful bacteria and insect pests from the soil, or your garden. Although these nematodes naturally occur in undisturbed soil, introducing fresh ones to your garden does help keep pests at bay. The nematodes release bacteria that help kill insect’s hosts in just a couple of days, hence beneficial for the organic farmer. One thing however about parasitic nematodes is that they get rid of both good insects and pests. You can order parasitic nematodes from an organic farm store to use in your garden.

4. Plant Onions And Napier Grass in and Around the Garden

Although a typical fodder crop, planting napier grass around your garden can help prevent many types of pests from destroying the main crops. Most pests will attack napier grass first before moving to your veggies. You could also introduce a row or two of onions in the garden as well. Onions are known to produce a pungent smell that deters pests from infesting your garden. Introducing onion plants in your garden is a clever way to repel pests, and even enriches the soil as well.

These are just but a few of the various ways you can keep your garden pest free. Many of the methods and remedies mentioned above are tried and tested, hence effective in eradicating common pests. You can also use recommended essential oils, such as orange, cedar, and neem oil to get rid of these pests as well. Contact us to know more!